About Us


Our Mission

We invest in strengthening the well-being of children so they thrive in their families and communities.

Who We Serve

We fund in the state of Minnesota with priority given to the seven-county metro area. We work in settings that serve children who are at-risk or experiencing abuse or neglect, exposed to toxic stress/trauma, or have challenges developing reading, writing and math skills. This includes schools and early childhood settings, non-profit and research organizations, government agencies, collaboratives, and networks.

Our Beliefs

We believe in racial equity; we achieve this when race no longer determines a child's life outcomes.

We believe in the power of nurturing, supportive relationships for children and youth to develop to their full potential.

We believe in educational success, which is dependent on a child's ability to overcome barriers to reading at grade level and their regular attendance at a school that feels safe and supportive of them.

We believe children belong with their families or their healthiest natural support system in order to avoid trauma negatively affecting their mental health.

We believe that some life experiences are traumatic for children but talking about them with caring adults and learning resiliency skills, can help them achieve a fulfilling, healthy life.

We believe young people should have supportive adults that help them transition to adulthood.

The Sauer Family Foundation funds in the areas of:

  • Strong Family Relationships: Prevention and Intervention in Child Welfare
  • Emotional Well-Being: for Children, Youth and their Caregivers
  • Educational Success for Children: Literacy Skills and Learning Disabilities in Reading, Writing and Math
  • A Diverse Workforce that reflects Minnesota's Children: Racially equitable career pathways in our funding areas

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Board of Trustees
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The Sauer Family Foundation Trustees & Staff are committed to using our resources to create the greatest positive impact for children & families.