Special Projects

The Sauer Collaborative
for Child Well-Being

Who we are:
The Sauer Collaborative for Child Well-Being is a voluntary collaboration of State and Local Government, community representatives, non-profit providers, individuals and coalitions working to align the child welfare system to child-well-being. Experts from diverse fields and perspectives began this effort by first acknowledging our child welfare system has not been designed to respond to the incredibly complex lives of children and families. The system too often fails our children ‒ through inaction or overreaction that can create lifelong trauma.

Why we exist:
The goal of the Collaborative is to align the child welfare system to child well-being, with the intended outcome that by 2020, 80% of the children in Child Protection/Foster Care will experience well-being with 10% re-entries and 0 deaths.

The Collaborative is committed to taking action on the highest impact levers, and have identified the levers as:
1. Quality alignment to a standard of child well-being (the positive goal)
2. Quality of metrics for measuring a child’s current state relative to well- being
3. Degree of reliance on evidence-based methodologies for well-being outcomes
4. Quality of data & computer systems
5. Quality of training, development, & supervision
6. Quality of community resources and relationships
7. Quality of the initial child assessment
8. Quality of the initial investigation of the case

How We Take Action:
The Collaborative will accomplish its goal by supporting Work Teams that form around tangible deliverables that fit under one of the high impact levers.

This project is positioned to partner and support many ongoing efforts. We invite supporters to join the work as it continues to help align the system to a standard of child well-being that we all want for our children.

We hope this project inspires all Minnesotans to support the adoption of a statewide definition of child well-being as the goal for the public systems that work with our children.

For more information, please contact Colleen O'Keefe, at colleen@sauerff.org or (651) 633-6165.

Sauer Collaborative for Child Well-Being Reports:
Evidence-Based Practices for Child Well-Being
Child Well-Being Research Report May 2016