Special Projects

Sunsetting The Sauer Collaborative
for Child Well-Being

On November 16, 2017, the Sauer Collaborative for Child Well-Being wrapped up its work in the current structure. The Professional Development Team will continue under the leadership of Liz Snyder, Director of Professional Education, Center for the Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, University of Minnesota, and Tracy Crudo, Manager in the Child Welfare Training System, MN Department of Human Services.

The current definition of Child Well-Being is informed by research from across the country. This definition will be finalized when the Community Engagement Team conducts listening sessions with parents and youth who have been involved in Child Welfare to incorporate their voice regarding well-being. The listening sessions will be held in early 2018 with families that are Native American and African American because they are disproportionately represented in the Child Welfare system. The Search Institute is leading this project with the following team members:

Gene Roehlkepartain, Ph.D., VP Research and Development, Search Institute
Artika Roller, Child Well Being Community Relations Manager, Hennepin County
Kelis Houston, Chair of the NAACP Child Protection Committee
Jessica Rogers, Executive Director, Connections to Independence
Michelle Chalmers, Executive Director, Ampersand Families
Yvonne Barrett, Deputy Director, Office of Indian Policy, MN Department of Human Services

Once the definition of well-being has been finalized, it will give our systems a goal to align to when working with children. Briefings will be scheduled when the listening sessions have been completed so we can share our learnings with the community. If you are interested in what the Community Engagement Team learns in the listening sessions, please contact Colleen O’Keefe at Colleen@sauerff.org.

In early 2018, the current reports from the collaborative will be revisited so they can be transformed into useful, practical documents to inform current practice.

The Sauer Collaborative reports are:
Evidence-Based Practices for Child Well-Being
Child Well-Being Research Report May 2016
Vision of a Robust Data System for Child Welfare

Our deep gratitude to everyone who has been involved in the collaborative over the past three and a half years, and to everyone that is working toward child well-being in Minnesota. The Sauer Family Foundation will continue to support work in Child Welfare with the child’s well-being at its core.