How to Apply

We fund in the state of Minnesota with priority given to the seven county metro area.

The lens we use when we consider grants is based on what we do best. The best use of Sauer Family Foundation funding is to create change, fill gaps, or help create something new in an organization, government agency, or system. We recognize our money is not best used to sustain a program or organization over a long time, because of our internal changes every few years as the Sauer family grows.

There will be two grant rounds in 2018 – early spring and fall. Through our funding we want to:

Child and Youth Well-Being

  • Promote child well-being as a common goal.
  • Educate people about trauma across systems working with children.
  • Increase trauma and resiliency programs for children.

Child Welfare - Child Protection, Foster Care, and Adoption

  • Help create systems focused on child and youth well-being. This includes trauma-informed practices and supporting parents to meet the needs of the child.
  • Increase trauma work in prevention and early intervention programs.
  • Promote a family-first model resulting in less trauma for children and families.
  • Promote culturally appropriate trauma work and training for professionals.
  • Increase trauma-informed parenting for foster families.

Early Childhood Education

  • Increase trauma-informed programming in early childhood education and parent education for disadvantaged children & their families.
  • Promote a trauma assessment as part of the PreK screening.
  • Increase trauma education and support for early childhood providers.
  • Increase trauma programs for Native American children ages 0-5.

K-12 Education – Public, Private & Charter Schools

  • Increase school-wide trauma programs that decrease behavior referrals and increase academic achievement.
  • Increase affordable teacher preparation pathways for talent of color.
  • Increase personalized, competency-based learning.

The deadline for the spring grants will be March 30, 2018. If you feel your organization or project fits into our funding priorities, please send an email to Colleen O’Keefe, our Executive Director, at Colleen@sauerff.org to discuss the potential fit. We do not want to waste your time applying for a grant that is unlikely to be funded. If Colleen invites you to apply, you will be given a username and password for our online grant system.

All applicants must comply with all Federal, State and local non-discrimination laws. The Sauer Family Foundation does not make grants to individuals, political and lobbying activities, endowments, deficit or debt reduction, fundraising activities or advertising.