Statement regarding George Floyd & Systemic Racism

We are heartbroken over the senseless death of Mr. George Floyd. Our sympathies go out to his family and friends at this blatant lack of concern and care for another human being from one of our police officers. Let this be the last tragedy of an unarmed black man.

We grieve with the African American community and now the business owners devastated by the violence in our cities. We are grateful for the peaceful demonstrations of free speech telling leaders what needs to change. We understand the frustration and anger but call for an end to the violence and destruction that further traumatize our neighborhoods and our children.

Beginning with criminal justice, all systemic racism in personnel and policies that keep our African American neighbors living in fear must be eradicated. Racism in all other systems in our state must also be addressed until real transformation has been achieved.

The Sauer Family Foundation remains committed to our work to transform a Child Welfare System that disproportionally removes children from African American and Native American families. We are committed to addressing the racial inequities in our education system and increasing the number of teachers and leaders of color.

We need to work together until each one of the systems in Minnesota has been transformed; until African Americans and all people of color in our state know they are accepted, safe, and free from injustice.


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The Sauer Family Foundation is committed to using its resources to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and their families. This site features information about our structure, grant history and funding process.

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For children, poverty is not simply unfortunate, it is damaging. The toxic stress that they experience can interrupt
healthy development and permanently affect brain development.


Minnesota children living in poverty.


of Minnesotans report experiencing one or more Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) in childhood.



Minnesota children involved in reports of maltreatment in 2017.


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Our commitment is to use our resources to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and their families in Minnesota.


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