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We are committed to using our resources to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and their families.

I can’t believe it is mid-August already! That means it is almost time for the Great Minnesota Get-Together and then everyone knows what comes next – Back to School! This seems like a good time to look at what we’ve learned from our school-based, toxic-stress-busting pilots of the ALIVE/Miss Kendra Program. We funded the Miss […]

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It is difficult for me to imagine having my children taken from me and then going to court with no one to tell me what is happening. Unless a person has attended law school or worked in our court system, the average American does not know what to expect when arriving at court. If you […]

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Homelessness in Minnesota

April 10, 2019

There was an article in the paper recently (StarTribune, March 21, 2019) that tells us that the point-in-time homeless count in Minnesota shows that homelessness has increased by 10%. Family homelessness has decreased by 5%, but overall there were more people homeless in Minnesota on October 25th of 2018 than in previous years. The one-night […]

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Connected Kids Initiative

March 21, 2019

The Connected Kids Initiative (CKI) was born out of eight unique Minnesota agencies collaborating for a better future for kids and families in our communities and neighborhoods. They launched their non-traditional team (non-profit, government and church) in late 2016 and came up with a strategic plan.  They piloted their idea in Anoka County and within one […]

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December 19, 2018

The biological need for belonging is incredibly strong and pervasive in all humans. It is the basis for our survival in life. Human babies require the longest time span for development to adulthood. We have drawn the line at 18 years of age; when it is said we become an adult human. However, we know […]

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