Connected Kids Initiative

The Connected Kids Initiative (CKI) was born out of eight unique Minnesota agencies collaborating for a better future for kids and families in our communities and neighborhoods. They launched their non-traditional team (non-profit, government and church) in late 2016 and came up with a strategic plan.  They piloted their idea in Anoka County and within one year saw incredible results as a prevention pathway emerged and more foster families were identified.  They received the approval of a legislative bill to get the pilot off the ground in 2017.  Working together they could produce results for children, youth and families that they couldn’t have achieved alone – eighty new host families for children that need a temporary safe place, attendance at foster care orientation increased by 70% with a 30% increase in foster care providers for the county.  They are now hoping to replicate the Connected Kids Initiative in more counties in Minnesota.  This week, they launched a campaign to call Minnesotans to Step UP.  Step UP for kids, Step UP for families, be the communities we all want to live in. Communities that support one another and understand that we all do better when we all do better.

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