Addressing Systemic Inequities Requires Explicit Supportive Action

On June 29th, 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ended race-conscious admission for colleges and universities across the country.

At the Sauer Family Foundation, we believe in racial equity; we achieve this when race no longer determines a child’s life outcomes. As long as there are systemic inequities limiting educational opportunities for children, youth, and students of color, we acknowledge the need to address those through explicit, supportive action.

Our grantmaking supports building a workforce that reflects the diversity of Minnesota’s children. We fund programs that remove barriers to licensure for Black, Indigenous, and people of color to enter and thrive in careers in child welfare, children’s mental health, and education. We know that outcomes for all children and families improve when all families are represented in the systems they navigate.

As we reflect on the new barriers this recent ruling may put in place for aspiring professionals of color, we celebrate the work of grantees who move us to a future where all children are nurtured by and connected to adults reflecting the diversity of our community:

  • 14 new Building Strong Families Scholars through the Wallin Education Partnership
  • New funding for MSSA Diversity Scholarships for students in Greater MN
  • On-going partnership with the NASW-MN on a diverse workforce initiative
  • Stipend funding for child and family-centered community non-profits hosting social work or mental health interns who are Black, Indigenous or students of color
  • Stipend funding through universities for social work students who are Black, Indigenous or people of color
  • Organizations providing or advocating for alternative pathways to licensure for aspiring educators of color
  • Organizations creating affinity groups and mentoring programs to support new professionals to thrive in their roles

This is work that the end of affirmative action cannot and will not stop. The work of community partners who refuse to let systemic barriers get in the way of a brighter, more equitable future.

– Emma