Celebrating 25 Years

On June 4, 2022, the Sauer Family Foundation celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

Family and friends gathered in service and camaraderie. Guests participated in 2 service projects: one group packed 9,000 meals at Every Meal, an organization dedicated to fighting child hunger. The other group packed 500 Summer Fun Bags for children 3-14 years of age (filled with items to punctuate summer – bubbles, a beach towel & ball, craft kits, card games, and much more) and 1,000 snack bags (a juice box, fruit snacks, breakfast bar, and fish crackers) gifted to community organizations who serve and uplift children and their families navigating challenging life circumstances.

Pat puts together one of the 1,000 snack bags.

Twenty-five years is monumental, transformational! To view the impact that Sauer FF has had in Minnesota is to recognize that twenty-five years is a beautiful wrapping on an incredible journey that continues to unfold. Our story in numbers illuminates 651 grants awarded to community organizations totaling $15,529,813 in giving, with 10,000 + hours of volunteer service and $65,702 of in-kind donations. Our story in activities is best answered by “what we know for sure”.

What we know for sure is that the mission/vision of the Sauer Family Foundation targets societal deficits that impact children and their families and applies solutions:

  • That children who are empowered with self-regulation skills can better manage their emotions and behaviors during challenging life situations.  
  • That the professional empathy gap that leads to worse outcomes for families of color is reduced when our child welfare/children’s mental health/education workforce mirrors our diversity.   
  • That ensures the lives of foster youth are seen. That their voices are included when crafting answers to difficult societal issues.

As we acknowledge this milestone, Sauer FF is aware that work towards achieving parity for all children and families continue as the impacts of abuse/neglect and toxic stress/trauma steadily permeates our Minnesota communities. We see this 25th Anniversary as a moment to acknowledge Good Work Done and to roll up our sleeves and carry on our mission to invest in strengthening the well-being of children so they thrive in their families and communities. 

A list of all our grantees over 25 years.