About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Sauer Family Foundation is to use our resources to improve the lives of
disadvantaged children and their families in Minnesota.

K-12 Education

Education is the pathway out of poverty. Every child deserves a relevant education that captures their interests and propels them into a career.

Early Childhood

Brain development begins from day one, and we believe that early childhood development is critical for putting children on the path for a healthy, thriving life.

Child Welfare

How do we attend to our most vulnerable children? When children are abused or neglected, we need to attend to the child's well-being and support their family.

Sauer Family Foundation Finances

The Sauer Family Foundation funds in the areas of Early Childhood Education for children in foster care, homeless families and low income families; K-12 Education for children in low income families; and in Child Welfare, particularly in the areas of prevention and early intervention.

Board of Trustees
& Staff

The Sauer Family Foundation Trustees & Staff are committed to using our resources to create the greatest positive impact for children & families.


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